Why Contribute?

Becoming a Contributing Artist has many benefits. Just to list some off; every $1 you invest you get back $9 for every product sold that has your design on it, you don’t have to pay for any advertising since we are our own brand, and you also don’t have to do any of the work behind the scenes to:

  • 1) Pay for a website,
  • 2) Maintain a website as a marketplace,
  • 3) Find an audience suitable for your artwork,
  • 4) Create a product page,
  • 5) Create a physical product,
  • 6) Package a physical product,
  • 7) Send a physical product.

We do all of this for you. All you pay us is $1 for every product we create for you. You help us sell those products obviously, since they have your design on them.

You sell 10 products per month and you make back your money.

Then, you would have 90 products to sell, that is pure profit.

$900 extra money in your pocket, per month, per $100 you spend.

If you spent $1,200 per month; you would theoretically have up to $13,200.00 in products/assets to advertise, as passive income, per month.