About Us

My name is, Gabriel Pronovost

( you can call me Gabe Pro, for short )

I’m the President/Founder/Owner/CEO/Creative Director of The Vibe-Tribe, LLC. (and Gabe’s Graphics)

For now, our products purchased online will be drop-shipped and made-to-order, this is just until we get things back to a good standing.

Our mission at The Vibe-Tribe is to design & manufacture the highest quality, most durable merchandise in the entertainment industry. We aim to maintain integrity of the design itself, vibrancy of the design, and always having intuitively engineered apparel & accessories. You’ll know what we mean by ‘intuitively engineered’ in a few years, if you don’t already know Gabriel’s plans for The Vibe-Tribe, LLC.

Our products are engineered to be more like sportswear, due to the purpose of the products… They’re worn at shows/events/festivals… They are designed to be worn on & used by: people who are active, running around, dancing, while drinking, sweating, etc. We have taken the initiative to study the fabrics used to manufacture our products. Certain fabrics are great insulators, some great for cooling down the body from overheating, etc…

We also have taken the initiative to speak with consumers all over the world, who have expressed their concerns with existing companies who produce similar products & their issues with those company’s products, how their products are engineered/designed, etc. We’ve also studied the types of inks available that are applied to our products, how the byproducts are processed & disposed, etc… we’ve taken all this stuff into consideration: for you & the environment.

A lot of our products are made from recycled materials & the least detrimental inks.
We have manufacturers all over the world, and from coast-to-coast in the USA.
Quality control is maintained by all manufacturers we have on-board with our mission.

Every October, for Breast Cancer Awareness month; we donate 10% of our revenue to the NBCF (National Breast Cancer Foundation) to help aid in the fight against breast cancer. My mother had breast cancer three times. Since I was 6 years old, she’s been battling breast cancer. She’s had multiple strains of breast cancer, even the most invasive form of breast cancer. I’ve been living in fear since 6 years old, that maybe tomorrow I won’t wake up with a mother… So, as a way to ‘pay-it-forward’ I donate 10% of revenue every October to the NBCF. (they helped her when she needed it)
UPDATE; as of March, 2022: My mother was undiagnosed with breast cancer and doctor claimed her to be considered cured.
She will stop taking her cancer medications in July 2022!

We also still donate to OTP (One Tree Planted) $1 = One Tree Planted anywhere in the world. We still donate $1 for every $33 spent.
Every order over $99, plants three trees across the world. (any order over $100 = free shipping still)


We aren’t going to be releasing new designs every Friday for a little bit, maybe even never again. Not sure yet… There’s a lot of thought that goes into something like this. We need to get back to a solid standpoint before we consider doing that again, though. That’s what I know.

However, every other month, on the last Friday, (January, March, May, July, September, & November) we will be releasing a new design that’s not ‘Limited Edition’ & on the other months, on the last Friday, (February, April, June, August, October, December) we will be releasing a ‘Limited Edition’ shirt, that will be printed in quantities of 100.


So, instead of releasing ‘Special Edition’ shirts every other month, on the first Friday… (Having those designs only available for that month) 

We’re going to be releasing a ‘Limited Edition’ top, every other month, on the last Friday, for the first year or two. (maybe forever)

We released our first ‘Limited Edition’ products on Friday: March 4th, 2022 
Commemorating & paying homage to my brother, Yefim.

There will be special additions to the shirts that aren’t on ‘Always Available’ shirts. 

We will also include a limited edition pendant medallion with each ‘Limited Edition’ shirt that will include xxx/100, the name of design, date it was released on the back & on the front: features our logo.


We’re working on making a scheduled series release of shirts once a year. 

Where we release 12 shirt designs, 10 available per design.

Our first series will be called the ‘Fortune Cookie Series’ where we take wisdom from fortune cookies & add them on the backs of the shirts. 
We will be releasing our first series on: October 13th, 2022 
(This will be the date we release a new series, every year. It’s my cat’s birthday, here’s his fb page: Cheshire)

Each series will have different specifications though. Some may be limited, others may not be. Make sure to check the product descriptions!


We just added ‘The Tribe’ again. However, instead of 3 tiers, there are now 7. 

We’ve also made some slight changes to how the sponsorship program works, and added some more ways to earn chief credits. 


We want to rebuild the community we had before. 

We still accept sponsors from all over the world.

Craving to be part of something bigger? 

Join The Tribe today! 

Get a free sponsor shirt or tank-top upon sign-up, get access to special content, get early updates to releases, see designs as they’re being worked on, have a say on what’s released, earn ‘Chief Credits’ for free clothes & more!